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Welcome to Geometric Progression in Life

The collective conscience can help us to find a better solution for many problems of the humanity. The correct synthesis of local genius with science through market mechanisms will certainly help us to design solutions for the new era. One of the challenging problems is of accessibility of cost-effective health and wellness care to common citizens. If we people assume the herculean task of serving humanity, we can really supplement the government efforts in a big way.

When you choose the dream, the dream will decide your destiny. The size of the dream will determine how big a person you will become. We know you have achieved a significant milestone in health, wellness and in service of humanity. Your stories can inspire a range of dreamers to learn from you and your deeds. Please share your journey in the service of fellow citizens. Please share your story in 300 words in Hindi / English with photographs. We will feature your story, values and ideals to other people who are pregnant with positive possibilities.

“Tapping the great energies, potential talent and latent creative power within us.”

Helping find out dedicated people who fight diseases, relieving suffering and helping people for a righteous cause. Helping people in health and wellness to equip them with skills, help them succeed and make winner out of them. Making a positive contribution and responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

The local health leaders

Dr. Prithvi

Dr. Prithvi has Expertise in Health, Medical education, financial services industry , Urban infrastructure and governance in India, as top Manager and Project Director. Exploring the intersection of society, governance and health care for growth opportunities. Envisioning future business courses, forging durable ties, helping people to realize their dreams is the passion for him. In search of higher purposes in life and committed to enabling common citizen to get cost-effective health services. Passionate to Connect scientific research in Health economics, health financing and leadership in health to the policy and then to the public. I am proud to be part of the virtual platform to connect the common interest of all those who are genuinely interested in creating a more humane society and unleashing their passion capital. The purpose of this is to find out and cultivate an evidence-based community aspired health and wellness care delivery system. This system goes much beyond the current health care delivery system. Dr. Prithvi will love to help you to discover and design a cost-effective and innovative health landscape for individuals, families and the country. A seasoned bureaucrat with a proven leadership and avid scholar. He is an accomplished writer, consultant, facilitator and public speaker. He has excellent academic credentials (Johns Hopkins University, USA (health economics, health Leadership and Management), MA economics and MBBS). He loves to integrate field learning with academic knowledge to convert them into market-oriented products. Fostering innovation in cost-effective healthcare delivery.
Identifying your true potential and helping establish your vision and mission in life.
Facilitating connect with people and resources which are aligned with your mission and objectives of life.
Motivational speaking on career development, branding and marketing techniques.
Marketing strategy to enhance your positioning, advertising and public relations.
Team building, crisis communication.
Sales consulting, including planning, strategic selling and presentation skills.

Connecting People

Since whole initiative is available to whomsoever interested without any fee or financial burden. These services cannot be satisfactorily provided by one individuals only. We need dedicated and committed people who believe in the transformation of health and wellness landscape of our nation. Thus, I invite you to disrupt the current system and replace it by the best health and wellness system in our country. We need volunteers who are putting practice into knowledge, so that knowledge can be applied in practice. Expertise in health marketing, economic modeling and forecasting, hospital safety and quality management, Health organization leadership and management and Financial management and analysis. Those who are associated with any scientific, advanced research or discipline related to health and wellness to share their ideas, aspiration and projects with us. Any innovative, disruptive and novel ideas will get great support and nurture from us. We assure to get connect with best in that field in the World.

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The local health leaders

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