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The collective conscience can help us to find a better solution for many problems of the humanity. The correct synthesis of local genius with science through market mechanisms will certainly help us to design solutions for the new era. One of the challenging problems is of accessibility of cost-effective health and wellness care to common citizens. If we people assume the herculean task of serving humanity, we can really supplement the government efforts in a big way.
Our serious efforts will be a great catalyst for transformational changes in health and wellness in India. The initiative will connect people, resources, philanthropists, academia, community-based health leaders and health professionals with international expertise and with evidence-based policy inputs. It aims to accelerate the changes not only in government supported health and wellness services but also in private sector well-being space. Helping people to find market supported cost-ef fective health and wellness solutions for a range of health conditions. This will also enable in designing health leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in health.

We are destined to connect your passion for health with motivated intensity to promote: Innovations in elderly care, Patient safety and quality care, Effectiveness and productivity improvement, Making health cost-effective and accessible to the last mile, Helping design health institutions and services for the new era, Creating a network for the big change in health production and consumption. We are Partnering with Institutions dedicated for health and wellness of the humanity. If you are or aspire to be one of such institutions, lets come together to make positive changes happen at an accelerated pace. Customized Old-age homes, Designers Nursing homes, Next century Hospitals, Future Pharmacy stores, Cost-effective laboratories, Motivated health and wellness NGO’s.
The future course of health and wellness will be defined by the patient personalization, value-based purchasing of health, population health management, patient satisfaction, safety and quality care, increasing use of smart technologies by hospitals and data-driven health, price transparency, social determinants, removal of middleman and distrustful health consumers. There is a big disruption in the horizon in health care and wellness industry. Be the part of rapidly changing landscape and take advantage of the future course of the health industry. Register yourself as a participant here. Categories: Physician, Nurses/ midwives, Technician, Wellness experts, Health entrepreneurs, Health innovators, Aspiring health stakeholders.
One of the important aspects of new age healthcare is intersectoral collaboration. We are trying to link people from different backgrounds to be a feedback provider as consumers. Here is an online Android App (free download) which connect you with 4000+ different varieties of employment opportunity, including in the health and wellness sector.
As social responsibility, we are providing an online examination for selection of candidates for different scholarships. The services are provided free of costs on demand to any community based non-commercial organizations. Interested institutions, informal groups and social organizations are encouraged to contact us.

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